Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guest Blogger!

June has been one of the best months ever at the barn. Why? For one entire month, we're enjoying the TLC of intern Laura Mundy, who is living on-site (hellooo tiny cabin) during a break from her life in Seattle. She's busy helping us ready the current batch of dogs for adoption and has been doing chores glamorous and very-much-not-so glamorous. But we'll let her tell you about all that.

Here's her first blog installment with promises for a few more. Thanks so much for adding your fuel to this little O-town fire Laura!

Laura Mundy! Intern Extraordinaire

When I told my friends I was doing an internship at BAD RAP, there was a lot of excitement and celebration. I also got a lot of “Keep us updated!” I promised I would.

In my first week of working at BAD RAP, and living next to the barn, I’ve experienced quite a few things. There are the things you would expect, like getting to know the dogs, the routine, meeting the lovely volunteers, how to use a flirt pole, etc. There are some other things that may surprise you. So, without further ado, I give you:

Top 5 Little Known Facts about BAD RAP

1.      BAD RAP houses not only dogs, but a healthy population of gophers as well. Diamond keeps a close tab on their activity.

2.       Hipster barn dogs, like Ned Flanders, wear their cones in the downward position.

3.       Dog Mountain is only 39.5 inches in elevation, but to Corky, it feels much higher!

4.       Dogs earn their keep by providing light administrative support. Smudge is also an occasional ghost blogger. 

5.       There’s a peeping tom who lives on the property. But he’s friendly.


  1. Nothing like an outsider's inside scoop! I look forward to hearing more about the life of a BAD RAP intern. Also, Elliot can peep in my window any time he likes!

  2. I love it! Looking forward to many more.

  3. BOL!! Elliot is the very best kind of peeping tom! And Laura, you haven't met the uninvited guests yet - sometimes wild turkeys invade the yard.

  4. Hilarious. Laura is one lucky lady to be a part of the crew and the fun that goes on at Bad Rap.

  5. Love the blog Laura!
    Teresa N.

  6. Love reading your blog, beautiful dog and heartwarming family bonding with pets.


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