Thursday, February 27, 2014

Steady Eddie, Brave Dave

He probably has no idea, but Eddie’s a natural teacher. Last week at the Barn he helped show shy Molly the ropes. Today, he demonstrated perfect sits for unfocused Esther —

 and then revealed how to swipe a plastic chicken right out from under her nose.

"Now we're sharing..."

"Now I've got it!"

And on Sunday, Eddie achieved what I'd never been able to get my own dogs to do.

My father-in-law, by his own description, is not what you’d call an “animal person.” Sometimes dogs can make him a little uneasy — even fearful, it’s fair to say.  I’m really not sure what he thinks about my involvement with a group rooted in advocacy for pit bull-type dogs.  

So when Dave, who was visiting from out of town, sweetly expressed an interest in visiting the Barn, I was nervous. Not that his experience would be bad, but that it would be… just… meh. And I wanted my father-in-law not only to see what I see, I wanted him to fall in love with these crazy blockheads. And to understand why I do what I do.

Of all the dogs, Eddie caught his eye. I’m not sure who approached whom first, but I do know that when I glanced their way, I saw Dave stroking Eddie’s ears like he’d been doing this all his life. The rest of us talked. We walked around the yard. And each time I looked over, there was Dave, lovin’ the heck out of Eddie (who was relishing every second).

“Are you seeing this?” I asked my husband. He snapped photos, and I stood there and grinned.

The cutest image of all, however, wasn’t captured on film. When it was time to go and we headed out the gate, Eddie remained on the other side, his eyes fixed on Dave. “Your new friend doesn’t want you to leave,” I said.

My father-in-law turned around to look at Eddie. He paused. And then he smiled, perhaps pondering the significance of it all. He didn’t need to say anything.


  1. Lovely! Perhaps your father-in-law will want to take Eddie home! Eddie clearly has an opinion on that!

  2. Always nice to see even the smallest differences that we make.


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