Friday, September 26, 2014

Raising the (Barn) Roof on October 11

Maude and Eddie were kind enough to model for us to help announce our yearly fun-raiser at the Rescue Barn. The Pits & Giggles event is coming up quick --> Saturday evening, October 11.

Celebrating our 15th B-day (which was back in April) and a great year of good saves and satisfying outreach work.

We look forward to enjoying time with our friends and supporters as well as many of our alumna dogs who will be there with their families. Cajun food, Zydeco music, a warming campfire and good conversation. What could be better?

Tickets Here

If you can't attend, please consider gifting a ticket to an area shelter worker or rescue volunteer. There's an option on our event page that signals your interest in donating this way.
Thank you, and hope to see you on the dance floor real soon!

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