Wednesday, February 20, 2013

there's a kid at the barn

On Presidents Day, the barn dogs had a special visitor who came to help them practice being around kids.  And once the Kikster was done with picking up dog poop (hey, someone has to do it) and putting fresh water in all of the kennels, the pooches all got to show off their obedience and agility skills in the yard, their neighborhood walking skills, and then each one took turns hanging out on the couch with her.

Here's Loni showing off her lap dog skills.

And Sassy and Corndog enjoy just chilling with the kid who gave each of them the kid tester seal of approval.

Thanks barn pooches for showing the Kikster that y'all know how to behave around kids.


  1. Nice pictures of beautiful, sweet dogs with Kikster, a great kid who is all heart. Loni, Sassy and Corndog are some lucky dogs. Thanks Kikster for helping them.

  2. Lucky dogs and lucky kid! Loni looks great with bunny ears, by the way...

  3. Love the kikster as much as the K-9's! What a cool kikster job!


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