Thursday, February 28, 2013

the kid

Gum. Gumbino, Gumdrop, Gumdango, Gumption ... So many names for such a simple guy.

Gum was owner surrendered to a Sacramento shelter when his family couldn't find a dog friendly rental. Then he was scheduled to be destroyed when the shelter discovered he flattened out at doorways and couldn't be coaxed through. That was last week. This week he's safe and Elliot's five minute lesson on using doors worked like a charm. Easy peasy.

He's just what the doctor ordered for party animal Diamond. She was using too much of her yard time bouncing (literally) at birds, but it's all about wrastlin' now. Go Gum!


  1. Gum. Another cute name for a another very handsome looking dog. Glad everything fell into place for you because of some very good people. Elliot, of course, showed you the ropes and now you and Diamond have each other to play with. Perfect. Hopefully you two playmates could get a great home together. Here's hoping.

  2. Gumbino is such a handsome guy with such a sweet look on his face and so much optimism in his eyes!! It is so sad that he flattened out at doorways just a week ago. The shelter and the unknown must have been so scary for him. I'm so glad he's doing so well in such a short time and having such a blast with Diamond! I love these pictures!!

  3. It sounds to me like he wasn't allowed inside at his previous home, hense the flattening. How sad that he was going to be destroyed for probably trying to follow rules he previously learned. Thank God for all you do to help these wonderful dogs. Wish we could clone you all!

  4. Nice to meet you Gumbino! You are a very handsome boy, and you could not have landed in better hands. Welcome aboard!

  5. Oh, Gumbino! These pictures of you and Diamond are so damn happy and wonderful --You are one lucky gumdrop, you are. And the Barn Blog is def some kind of wonderful. Every day. Soul cocktail. Muaaah.


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