Monday, March 4, 2013

Flea Bear

Corndog has every right to be a little confused. We left yesterday to visit the flea market and came back with this weird little animal.

Fleas? Where are they? Are they hiding somewhere? Why would anyone want to visit a market that sells them?


  1. She's such a doll! Love her white-masked little face!

  2. People are awfully funny, aren't they, Corndog?

  3. oh my stars ! how is it that the barn blog always pops up in the most wonderful moments. i am trying to laugh very quietly so as not to wake up the hounds. but looking at this picture makes my stomach hurt from trying to hold the laughter inside. makes my throat and top of nose hurt. this has gotta be one of my all time fave photographs. corndog seems to be looking right at the onlookers. really? can you believe it? jack bennyesque deadpan is hysterical. wonderful wonderful. thanks again, barn blog. xxOO


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