Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring is springing

Spring is here and its time to make sure the yard is ready for the sunnier and warmer days to come. This year I am lucky enough to have a professional sprinkler inspector in the house.
This one works - excellent water pressure!
 Jilly couldn't believe the wonder of having FIVE hoses to play with at the same time.
Now to inspect the one in the middle of the grass. 
Around and around the yard she ran taste testing each sprinkler head.
Woo hoo! this is the best job ever!
The verdict is in: we are ready for spring.
Can we do that again?


  1. o m g. three places are mandatory to go to every day. the barn blog. the barn blog. the barn blog. but wait. also necessary to visit nigel buggers. who does not have a barn full of greyhounds, but who also loves the barn blog. this is the best thing about today so far. love, samantha

  2. These people treat you just right don't they Jilly? It's always nice to see dogs have fun. Spring has sprung.

  3. Jilly I am glad to see you are having such a blast at your foster home!! You are so adorable running around with your ears up and your tongue hanging out inspecting all of the sprinklers!! And you look soooo pretty with the water glistening off of your fur! Love!

  4. I too check the Barn Blog every day. It makes my day when there's a new post. Sweet Jilly, hope she finds a home soon!

  5. I love Jilly! I love her expression of utter delight in these photos!

  6. You are lucky to have a sprinkler inspector. We have a live in sprinkler exterminator, which is not a terribly useful thing to have.

    1. I have a sprinkler exterminator, too. If these pictures had audio you would be able to hear him talking on and on about the injustice of being locked behind the screen door.


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