Saturday, March 16, 2013

fare-thee-well Farnam!

Aw shucks ... You're embarraskin' me!

Barn Crew teammate Allie Intondi gives Farnam a little good-bye cuddle as he heads out the door to his new life. We're all going to miss his baby browns, but sure are happy to know there's a sofa with his name on it and two adoring people to scratch behind his ears now.

Happy Travels Sweet Farnam! <sniff>


  1. Good bye, Farnan! Will you let us know all about life in your new home?

  2. Awesome news for this sweetheart and you can tell in this picture just how sweet you are. Enjoy the rest of your life Farnam and thanks to everyone who helped get him his happy ending.

  3. Woo-Hoo! Farnam, it was a treat getting to meet you in person, and we know you'll do great in your new home!

    Clover and Janet


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