Thursday, March 14, 2013

thursday spring fling

Kissin' Sassy.

"How'my gonna git up der?"


Queen Sassy and loyal subjects.

Stretchy lips.

Corndog Wild Child.

Warm temps daydreamin.'


  1. Good morning Sally, Sassy, Corndog, Elliot and - who are those handsome black and white guys? Hmm. Missed something in the Barn Blog. What lucky pups. Queen Sally, you look so gorgeous! What is your secret? xo

  2. These pictures are cuteness overload!! Elliot romping around with Gumbino and his big smile and mischevious look in his eyes! I love the picture of Sassy & Gumbino on the mountain and Elliot and Corndog observing from below. And Farnam and Diamond playing tug-of-war on top of the mountain is just too cute! Corndog rolling in the grass is priceless! And Farnam daydreaming about his forever family....awww Farnam and your little heart shaped patch. You look like you have so much love to give. Enjoy your mountain and keep daydreaming handsome!

  3. Looks like a good time is being had by all. Very nice.

  4. Oh good grief! Just realized I confused Gum with Sally. Duh. Idjit. Sorry, Sally.


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