Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kasbah, unleashed

My first morning with the pony that is Kasbah - I have to confess - the first words out of my mouth were, "Oh No." He was big and bouncy and immediately climbed me like a jungle gym and held my arm in his big sloppy mouth like he was holding my hand on a first date. Oh noooo...

He got knocked out of the adoption program at his Yolo County shelter for being a "little too much" for his handlers. Right. So gluttons that we are, we said Yes! - especially since Rhonda was a no-go for bigger dogs when she first came to the barn and needed someone who was oblivious enough to be her first friend. That would be Kasbah.

He was perfectly innocent in his affections - he was just trying to enjoy the best kind of contact in the only way he knew how. Even so, we walked around with a squirt bottle for two days so Kasbah wouldn't be tempted to monkey his way up to the top of our heads. I amazed at the nice green bruises I got from those fun first days together.

And then the inevitable happened. His brain clicked in: "Four on the Floor - Yes!" and we all started to fall in love with the bigger than life kid. Love, I'm telling you ... Love!

I think Rhonda may have wanted to eat him the first couple of days - I really can't remember how it all went down, except that he tried so so so so hard to make her love him that eventually she caved and they became buds.

"Play with Me! Play with Me! PLAY WITH ME!"

By the time we made this video, Kasbah had earned the award for most improved barn pup and we hated the thought of seeing him go. But go they must do.

And now, he has his very own home with his very own mom and dog family and ... his very own blog! Lisa Harrington was kind enough to take me seriously when I mentioned that the world deserved a little peek into the adventures of Kasbah and Company. Enjoy!

Three Dog Nights


  1. I have added both of Kasbah's blogs to my favorites. I look forward to following all of their adventures!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Donna. :) I think Kas deserves a little spotlight, too. Big lug!

  3. "Kasbah had earned the award for most improved barn pup" true! I've missed his earnest face & good nature at the barn (though it is what we want) so it's wonderful to read of his continuing adventures with his new mama & siblings.


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