Wednesday, November 6, 2013

the morning romp

Darla, Beetle and Elliot go kookie ballistic when they see each other at the gate, so romps are a daily must. Shy Beetle's actually a little bit apprehensive around the big, furry confident thing but he's fascinated enough to brave up when the spirit moves. If Elliot only knew how star-struck this nerdy little guy was, but he's too smitten with Darla to notice.


  1. Fabulous video! I don't blame the darling Beetle being star-struck by Elliot--we all are! (Elliot was hanging out on my bed in a dream I had last night.) But for all my love of your fantastic furry socializer, my idea of the perfect packaging for a dog is Beetle. I love those little black blockheads with white accents!

  2. Fun! You're right about Elliot and Darla, he's only got eyes for her. Fun fun fun.

  3. Poor Beetle. He's definitely the third wheel in that crowd. Still having fun, though. What a cutie!


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