Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maude: What's in a name?

Canine infatuation arrives in all forms. With this girl, I was smitten the minute I saw her name. MAUDE it said in big capital letters on the side of her kennel.  

Maude is also the name of my 8-year-old niece — my only niece — and we are very close. We both love drawing. And elephants. And being silly.  And I know, implicitly, that she would be delighted  that I’m comparing her to a blocky-headed dog with a slight under-bite.

Canine Maude is every bit as gorgeous as my niece, though considerably less chatty. There are other similarities too. For example, a strong desire to please, tempered with a healthy independent streak.

Both are strong and athletic. Both are curious.

Both know when they've got you wrapped around their little finger (or dew claw).

Both play nicely with others.

And while I would never tell her moms this, when I first learned of my niece’s name, I didn’t love it. Eight years later, it’s one of my very favorites. I think I may be destined to adore every Maude I meet. 

It certainly happened with this cutie.

omiGAUDE, is she cute...

And like my niece, canine Maude is going to land in someone's family and remind ’em just how incredibly much you can love someone. 


  1. This cutie could definitely get me over my mild aversion to the name Maude!

  2. I'm saying it flat out, this may be the cutest dog you've ever had.
    Good grief, I can almost smell the squishiness!


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