Monday, April 16, 2012


While Donna and Tim are in Ohio, the barn pooches are practicing house dog skills with various barn volunteers. Little Rooney is camped out with my family for the week, and has charmed my elder-girl who's just amazed by her puppy antics.

Today as they played in the yard, Rooney showed me just how photogenic she is - from any angle. And we have a twofer - dueling brindle booties! Check out these pics.

Here Nina shows Rooney some interesting stuff in the shady area under the trees. Look Roo, isn't this cool??

Hmmmm, what's this? Roo sees Nina working for treats and decides she better check it out!

Sneaky puppy.....while Nina practices down-stay, Rooney's trying to steal Nina's treats. What a cute little stinker. Move over Beyonce - this little girl is canine bootyliciousness!


  1. So cute. Definitely canine bootyliciousness. Thanks for sharing these beautiful dogs' adventures with us.

  2. It should also be mentioned that Nina has adorable spots on her back!

  3. Love the outfit. Such cute dogs.


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