Tuesday, April 3, 2012

office puppy

According to an article in the US News, "a recent study found that dogs in the workplace seemed to help reduce job-related stress for their owners and make work more satisfying for other employees who came into contact with the dogs."

So yesterday, barn pup Gris Gris headed into the office to lend a paw or four to "reducing job-related stress and improving job-satisfaction". It also gave her another chance to practice her blossoming people skills.

The electronic door was a little scary at first but Gris Gris made it past with the encouragement of a few chicken pieces, then up a flight of stairs (woo hoo, what fun!) and into the busy office area.

No trash can was left un-inspected, every office with an open door was visited, interesting smells everywhere were checked, and butt-scritches and ear-rubs were accepted from folks who were happy to leave their monitors for a few minutes of puppy love.

I thought I saw a co-worker taking pics to send her husband and checking out the adoption policy on the Bad Rap website (hmmm...)

It was difficult getting pictures that weren't blurry since little Gris Gris was a-wigglin' and a-squigglin' from all the attention but here she is sitting pretty for some air-kisses from my office-mate, Russ Siciliano.

And after all the meets and greets were done, hugs and kisses exchanged, it was time to take a well earned nap in a quiet, dark corner. Well done, Gris Gris, well done!


  1. Great idea. I am sure all dog lovers would love to bring their dogs to work. I am sure it would make work much more fun. Some more great pictures.

  2. Good work, Gris Gris! Way to power meet, power greet, and power nap!

  3. I think I remember Russ from Captain Spanky's big exciting visit to the office. Lucky dogs! Such a warm bunch of people to help them learn about the world.

    1. That's right Donna - the very same. My co-workers have been very welcoming and in return the pooches behavior during their visits has made some of them reconsider what they thought about pit bulls. Most of the dog owners there wished their pets were as well mannered as Cap'n Spanky, Danny, and now puppy Gris Gris :)


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