Thursday, April 5, 2012

rooms with a view

Something new at the barn this week: Doggie doors, so the girls can finally enjoy their very own front porch (ie, outdoor kennels). Yay!

Tallulah's not so sure where that scary 12" drop off will end.

But hey, maybe this sunbathing thing is worth it?

Olive says, "Are you sure I'm not stuck out here?"

Okay then. I think I could get used to this. Mmmm. Sunshine, fresh air. Squirrels!


  1. So cool. I bet they love that. Some more great pictures of some beautiful dogs.

  2. Hello Miss Olive! You're looking pretty fine basking in the sunshine. Enjoy every bit of deserve it. Make sure you show Tallulah how the doggie door works! Miss you!!

  3. Olive, you have the best spots, especially the ones.on your ear. So cute!

  4. Such beautiful dogs who can now enjoy the outdoors anytime. That is great news.


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