Friday, December 23, 2011

Ayse earns her belt

When Ayse went to live at her new home - a studio in West Oakland that doubles as a small martial arts school - we hear tell that some of the students were a wee bit afraid of her. It seems the new setting was sooo super exciting that Little Miss Bounce-a-Lot reverted right back to caveman manners and jetted off the walls like a ping pong ball. Ruh Roh.

Her new family told all the students that she was just a white belt, and they could help her learn good form by reminding her of the house rules - and so they did. Here she is with Brian, a favorite new friend. We're told no one's afraid of her anymore. In fact, the newest challenge is carving out enough time for happy visits with everyone who comes by for lessons.

Nice job Jarvia and Rudy. Ayse is turning into a patient little grasshopper under your tutelage.


  1. Congrats on earning a new good-behavior belt, Little Miss Bounce-a-Lot! And kudos for her owners and all the kids for teaching Ayse that the discipline learned in a martial art studio applies to dogs, too! Thanks for the update on this high-energy cutie!

  2. Great news. I can just picture her initial enthusiasm. A good lesson in love for these kids.

  3. I'm a cat person but I read this blog all the time because I love these dogs and the people who love them . . . Merry Christmas Ayse, from me and my kitties!

    Moe in Alaska


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