Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Star gets Naked and Tries Modeling

Sunday was bath day so Star got naked and let me take her picture.
She looks very innocent and puppy-like in the nude.
Hey lady, stop taking my picture, this is embarrassing! I mean, make sure you post this on the internet because I hear this is how Stars get famous.
After her bath Star and Uba tried out matching sweaters so they could stay warm and look cute.
They modeled the sweaters as athletic attire.
Later they enjoyed a long walk
And finally, Star snuggled up on the couch and took a long nap.
Its was a busy day for The Star. She has been a really great house guest and its been very nice getting to know her soft and relaxed side.


  1. Star- you've been so very busy! I think all these pictures in the family world will certainly help your forever family find you!
    Keep being such a cutie!

  2. Such a beautiful girl! Them sweaters are pretty cute! Uba is a great friend and hostess!

  3. Best. Blog. Title. Ever.

    Star looks beautiful naked, adorable in her red holiday activewear, and sweet as can be while snoozing on the couch!

  4. Lovely photos, Letti. Star looks most comfortable and confident in her natural state (naked and clean). Agree with Colleen, great title for your post.

  5. top 2 photos = best photos ever of Miss Star!


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