Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear Star,

Wow Star - it sure does look like you are having fun on your vacation. Going to the place with all the dog stuff sounds really exciting!!!
I didn't do anything like shopping while on my vacation - but I had lots of fun at the barn lady's house.

I spent a lot of time with my new friend Rube...

Here we are after he told me a really funny joke about how stupid cats are...

We had a lot of fun running through the house...

And I have done a lot of relaxing this week too...

All in all I had a really nice week. I helped barn lady in the office at work, I met barn lady's mom and dad and a lot of other nice people. I am going to miss being at the barn lady's house, but I'm looking forward to seeing my barn friends again. Barn lady told me that she really loved having me at her house and that everyone is going to miss me so much. I told them to come and visit us at the barn any time they want!

See you soon,
Your friend Jondi

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  1. Looks like Jondi has a new boyfriend - love the last pic of her and Rube chillaxing together. But my all time fav has to be the one where she's laughing so hard she's showing ALL her teeth!

    Silly princess - you are so lovable Jondi.


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