Thursday, December 8, 2011

Barn Updates!

Back when Patsy got returned by her overwhelmed hopeful-owner (the Boomerang Puppy) you reminded us: "It wasn't meant to be." "Something better will come along." We pouted for a minute, but realized you were right. So off she went to live with Ana, where she could become an even better dog than she already is.

Patsy Right: "Who me? Trouble?"

Lo and behold, the "meant to be" part might be here. Patsy went home last weekend to live with a one-eyed schnoodle, a lovely senior something-mix, a wonderful lady named Melody and - best of all - Hannah. Hannah has autism, and over the years we've discovered that pit bulls and people with autism just plain belong together. It started with Bailey, who came to us via Hurricane Katrina and went on to be a mascot in a school for special kids. Later, Phatman showed us how good his tribe is at helping Hannah's tribe connect with a waiting world.

So far, the girls are all doing great together and we think it might just be a permanent arrangement. Stay tuned for updates!

In other news, we're bummed to report that we had to cancel the potential adoption for the ever-hopeful Jondi. After several weeks of waiting, it seemed clear that her applicant was not as ready for a new dog as she had hoped. So goes life.

Go ahead - please tell us that it was "meant to be" so we can remember that her perfect connection is just around the corner. Jondi has been waiting so, so long for her Princess life to get rolling.

The Holiday Scramble. The barn has seen a flurry of activity with our December Pit Ed Camp, which took place just as a four new dogs were getting smoothed into our program. Crazy times! Below, Star shows our guests how to use a treadmill for a fast and happy exercise session.

We invite you to see the faces of the new dogs on our Available Page and watch for updates here as they end up in our cameras and on our blog. We have a bunch of cuties! (PS - Enormous thanks to Sarah Williams for sending the bully sticks - just in time to give the kennel-bound kids a welcome diversion during their transition. They were a life saver!)

Finally - On Saturday, all of the barn dogs will be moving out to temporary foster care while Tim and I head out to Ohio to present at the Ohio Dog Wardens Association Conference, so we can expect some fun photos from their adventures with the barn team out in the Real World.

Never a dull moment!


  1. I remember when Quizz went through puppyhood. I wondered if I had lost my mind and Quizz had hidden it in a corner with his toys. Good news is he turned into a model citizen, so will Patsy. Jondi? Don't you know she is already the princess? She's training her legacy. Her HEA, is just a moment away.

  2. Wow! Wow! and Wow! paws and prayers to Patsy and family - love it! Jondi - we love you - it's going to be a great new year for you! How rich and loving and special your little life has been so far - it's only getting better, and the best is yet to come! (and Star too)! Good luck in Ohio and safe travels!

  3. I have no doubt with so many well wishes for Jondi and all the other wonderful dogs that cross your path they will have happy endings. You have a lot of people rooting for these dogs to succeed. You spread love, compassion, integrity, common sense and hope for these dogs, so I know things will work out for the ones you take under your wings.

  4. Patience, patience. Jondi's Forever Home is around the corner. In the meantime, you get to enjoy her red, rascally ways just a little longer. One of the best things about BAD RAP is the time you guys take to match each dog with the perfect home. Think about Robin and how perfect his story turned out. Jondi will have a home and soon.

  5. Jondi simply has one of the cutest faces I've ever seen. It was a picture of her that first lured me in here and got me following the blog. Hugs to her!

  6. Who's the cutie in the background of the Jondi photo?

  7. Someone HAS to come get Jondi! She is just too perfect not to have someone (besides us who worship her from afar) not appreciate Her Majesty, The Clown Princess of Being Happy! Lucky person/people that Jondi bestows her self upon...
    All I know is that they better Blog about her once she goes home because I don't think I could last a week without gazing into those crazy eyes of her's and hearing about her adventures. That should be part of the deal-you get a BadRap dog, you blog-- so that their followers will get to read about HOW RIGHT IT IS TO ADOPT!

  8. So glad for Patsy. When she was first returned, I just wanted to hop in the car, drive cross-country and bring her home with me. I love that she went to a home with an autistic child, I think pit bulls make great friends for kids who need a little extra help navigating their world!

  9. That handsome lad standing behind Jondi is Riley. He just arrived from Shasta County with his brother, Ruben. Currently, settling in with a wonderful foster mom, so stayed tuned for updates on his progress.

  10. Hannah may be just what Patsy Pupcake needs and Patsy may be just what Hannah needs! I really hope this works out!

    And Jondi-Pie, your turn will come!


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