Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pig torture

Mean Lady would not let Jondi have the glorious toy pig that everyone knew was meant for her-just-her the minute it popped out of the box. She forced her to 'Wait' and pulled out the obnoxious camera while all dogs licked their lips and fixed their greedy eyes on the fuzzy pink prize.

Poor tortured red girl had to fight every impulse, and concentrate reeeal hard on doing the right thing, or else she knew Mean Lady would drag out this terrible, senseless game - the game of "Wait!"

Finally - the words came! "Take It!" Oh!

She snatched it fast as a greased - uh, lightening - and pulled it back to her bed and held it in her little arms and nibbled corn cob 'I love you' chews on it like she used to give her babies when they were small.

With many thanks to Carla Morgan and family for the lovely holiday gifts for the dogs, including this super duper pig. You made one special girl very happy. :-)


  1. "..nibbled corn cob 'I love you' chews..." Lines like that (and the accompanying picture of Jondi doing just as described!) are one of the reasons why I love Bad Rap more than any other rescue. The writing is as delightful as the pups! And considering how delightful Jondi-the-Toy-Junky is, that's saying a lot! Pig out, baby!

  2. Oh my GOSH she is so cute. Piggy, too!

  3. Absolutely adorable. Your story telling is so cute. I can just picture her waiting impatiently in anticipation. You are such good teachers. Beautiful, beautiful, dog.

  4. The look in Jondi's eyes in the first picture says it all.

  5. The pig! We have a half chewed, still squeaking pig laying around too! (toy that is)! That's great! Babies are going to be showered with goodies - another box coming from Seattle! "wait"!

  6. LOL! Oh dear. The visuals that popped into my brain at "corn cob nibbles" nearly had me falling off my chair with a good case of the giggles. Thank you for that vivid description.

    Donna, I can't imagine that any of those dogs think you're mean. Perhaps a force to be reckoned with but not mean. ;) They're awfully lucky to have landed at the Barn with all of you!

  7. I must confess I come by and reread this post several times a week because I love the rad writing (particularly those corn cob chews) and accompanying photos! I was, therefore, tremendously delighted when my dog, upon receiving the reindeer stuffie Santa left in her stocking this Christmas morning, nibbled it with lots of corn cob "I love you" chews! Merry Christmas, BAD RAP and Jondi!


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