Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shopping Like a Star

Star's note to Jondi about an exciting adventure:

Hi Jondi, hi!

I hope your vacation is as fun as mine. My vacation is fun!

Guess what? Yesterday I went to an amazing place. Did you know there are places full of stuff for dogs and cats? You can go there and pick out stuff and take it home. Its amazing. The lady took me in the car. Then we went inside this huge place and looked at stuff.

I looked this way
I looked that way
I sniffed things
I thought about all the stuff

I met this lady who had a kong and smelled like a puppy. I licked her jeans.
Then we took the stuff back to Lulu and Uba's house. And I thought about it and told Uba and Lulu, and they acted bored. But I know its exciting. It is exciting, right?
See you soon!


  1. The whole WORLD is exciting, sweet Star! Glad you had a good time at the pet store!

  2. Miss Clover has been to these places, too, Star. She likes to sniff EVERY bag of dog food and EVERY toy. She's good about not taking them off the shelves, but she does love to shop....

  3. So glad you enjoyed your adventure Star...seems you're a super-star at shopping too! And yes, it is very VERY exciting.

  4. Better add shopping to your favs now Star because it is very exciting when it is all about you. Your future family should know they are adopting a shop-aholic!

  5. I know this is off topic but in case some people who care didn't know I just found out Leo, one of Vick's former victims, the wonderful therapy dog recently passed away due to a severe seizure disorder. Rest in peace sweet Leo. You will be truly missed.

  6. This totally cracked me up. So Star. It was like reading Dick and Jane on speed. In a good way.


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