Tuesday, January 24, 2012


What do the barn dogs do on a winter's evening after exercising, training and dinner? They CHILLAX, that's what.

Here's the princess (also known as Jondi) napping in her palace; she's all pooped out after a long afternoon walk and a fun game of fetch. She can barely keep her eyes open - sweet dreams little princess.

Little Blink romping on the rug, pauses her little game of unstuffing her Christmas stuffie just long enough to pose for a picture.

Thanks Blink.

Hey, it's Clive Alive - chillin' on the couch with HIS favorite stuffie and watching Blink's antics with interest.

Such a handsome fella.

Yes, after dinner is a good time for some major chillaxing at the Bad Rap barn.
Hope y'all enjoy your evenings chillaxing too.


  1. I like that word. Chillaxing. Sounds like a good motto. Just love the pictures. Such beautiful dogs. Thanks for sharing and doing all you can for these priceless creatures.

  2. Jondi looks so blissful it practically puts me to sleep just looking at her! And, of course, one can never see too many pictures of the adorable Blink. I'm glad to see that Clive is cone-free and look forward to getting to know him better!

  3. The Princess certainly loves her royal chamber, doesn't she? Not bad for her temporary housing. Makes it really easy to get her to go back to her kennel, too.


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