Monday, January 2, 2012

A Very Fresh Start to 2012

The barn dogs are enjoying an extra clean barn today. Valerie and Erin contacted the barn crew to offer their time to the barn dogs as a holiday gift to each other and the dogs. They offered to clean, organize, pick up poop, or do whatever tasks the dogs needed. On New Years Day Jondi, Rita Mae and Dan enjoyed some very special visitors and some very clean kennels.

Val and Erin came with a brand new jolly ball for Jondi, tug toys, bully sticks and long lines to help with new dog intros. And they were ready to clean the dogs' homes from top to bottom.
It wasn't all work, of course. Rita interrupted regularly to thank Val and Erin for her extra clean kennel.
Toy junkie Jondi kept a close eye on the hamper holding her new toys hostage to express her thanks for her new "Jondi Ball".
Thank you so much to Val and Erin for the very clean barn. Your hard work lets the barn crew spend more time with the dogs instead of doing chores. The dogs thank you too for their fresh clean homes and the excellent toys.


  1. It was our pleasure to help out - what a wonderful way to start the new year. We'll be back again for sure!

  2. what awesome volunteers you have!!!

  3. That is really awesome! And that picture of Jondi is priceless.

  4. You guys are great, I'm sure these pooches are very thankful to have you in their lives.

  5. What a great thing to do for the dogs!


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