Sunday, January 1, 2012

flea market happy

Money can't buy her a home, but sixty bucks bought Miss Jondi some homestyle comfort for her kennel today. She's been so patient about being homeless and such a good girl about not chewing up her kennel furniture that we thought she'd earned an upgrade with this flea market score. Elliot seems to think the sofa's a fine idea, too.

Hmm. Maybe we can rent out her room for traveling dog lovers? We're sure she wouldn't mind sharing her new dog bed with new friends.


  1. Sweet pad, Jondi! Looks like Jondi's sofa is where all the cool dogs will be hangin'. Oh, and I'm sure you'd have folks lining up all the way around barn to have slumber parties on Jondi's couch with all the pups.

    In case you hand't noticed, Elliot is huge!

  2. Miss Jondi's kennel- the place to see and be seen! Love the new couch Jondi, I too love second hand furniture!

    Moe in Alaska

  3. Oh have one nice pad! I know who I will be sleeping with next week. That looks like one comfy couch! We can't wait to see everyone! :)

  4. "BadRap Barn Bed & Breakfast." or "BadRap Boarding House."
    Hmmm...on the latter-if I didn't have a house and herd of my own, I would be first in line to rent/share a room w/ Jondi!
    I can't believe she has not been adopted yet but it looks like she has the next best thing in the Barn. You know a children's book needs to be written about the barn and it's inhabitants. Enlightening children about the dogs while entertaining them at the same time. Then there would be the accompanying toys: Elliot, Jondi, Star, Jiggs etc etc. And Jondi would come with her couch as her accessory. I can here the commercial now: "Kids! Ask your parents for your very own set of The Bad Rap Barn Buddies-collect them all! Proceeds go to help REAL dogs in danger!"
    I like this idea --and the re-introduction of Naugahyde furniture-dog friendly furniture that is not covered in real critter skin-not even a Nauga!

  5. I want all of the Bad Rap Barn Buddies, complete with couch, picnic table, tiny jolly balls, and a blue agility tunnel that the Elliot toy could somehow fit in!

  6. What an awesome picture! LOVE!


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