Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old Faces and New Faces

We relish starting out the New Year seeing the familiar faces of the dogs we've come to know and love, and look forward to spending more time with them working hard and having fun, and speculating about the perfect family that hasn't quite found them yet.

The cute face of Jondi, while enjoying one of the multitude of new toys she received over the holidays. Who wouldn't look forward to seeing this sweet girl each and every shift of each and every day?

We especially love to see this girl content and blissful as she relaxes in her decked out kennel. Yep, she's enjoying a nice chew on her new piece of furniture.

Certainly though, we are just as excited to see new faces in the barn, especially when they're as pretty as Rita Mae's.

Rita Mae is already showing that she's made an exceptional addition to the group of barn residents.

Here's our new girl already settling in to her new temporary home, as relaxed as though she's been there for much longer than her few days. What a treat it's going to be to see her face each time entering the barn!

Here's to old and new faces alike, a perfect blend of the comfort of familiarity and the fun of getting-to-know-you.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful dogs. You can see the sweetness all about them. Wishing them all the best in finding permanent loving homes.

  2. May I just say how gorgeous they are (your dogs) and how wonderfully lucky to have people that long to see them each day? I wish them all good, new homes in 2012. Sarah, NYC fan (:

  3. Beautiful animals who all deserve loving homes. Thanks for sharing and wishing them all the best.

  4. Love the beautiful faces. Can't seem to get this to post so I'll do it again under anonymous. Thanks for sharing these beautiful dogs and their stories.

  5. Rita Mae stole our hearts - what a wonderful, sweet girl. Jondi was no slouch either - graciously shared her chair with me, then immediately jumped on my lap for some cuddles. Stay patient, ladies. Your forever families are out there!

  6. My posts haven't gone through yet on this particular story. I hope it will this time. Beautiful dogs. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have tried to post a couple of times under my name and anonymous but it hasn't gotten through yet. I will try again under anonymous. Just want to thank you again for the wonderful story and sharing these beautiful pictures of these beautiful dogs with us that care.


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