Monday, March 17, 2014

Invasion of the best kind!

Just over two weeks ago, our 2013 Christmas gifts arrived when a group of dogs who survived a large scale dog fighting case was delivered to Oakland. (News LINK of the raid, that saved 367 dogs from a life of fighting.)

We'd first met these survivors when our team of handlers flew to the the southeastern US to assist with the dogs' care. We worked in the HSUS temporary shelter, where 13 different groups of dogs lived until their abusers had their day in court. Once our group of dogs was able to be released, Chris Schindler - the Animal Fighting Response Manager of the HSUS - made a big cross country trip to bring them to CA.

It was gratifying to see them again, to say the least:

and Megg (photo, right)

We've also committed to helping young Ollie, Lady Bug and Luna - who we can't show you yet since they're still inside the custody window. Dixie left with Chris to join her new home in CO with breed advocates ColoRADogs, and Londyn and Megg stayed behind for two weeks, getting acclimated to life outside of a shelter before leaving for new adventures with the Seattle Animal Shelter.

It's been a very busy time for our team, but everyone has been handling the extra work like a pro.

If you visit our facebook page, you may have seen this. It's a SLIDESHOW (with heart tuggy music, of course) with a few of the dogs' firsts - first play session, first sensation of cool grass under their feet, etc.

Today, a video of the wonderful Monkey. She enjoyed a week of wrestling, rolling fun with Elliot and Eddie before leaving for foster mom Letti's house to begin two 30-day heart worm treatments. Sigh. We sure wish she didn't have to, but it's time to get healthy and then get that HOME finally. We sure love us some Monkey.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March happys at the Barn

It's always fun when Seattle friend Maggie McDowell pops by for a visit. Not only do the dogs love the extra attention (slumber party in the cabin!), we get to enjoy the little moments she photographs while she's here.

Here are a few snaps taken during working shifts at the barn. Thanks for sharing your eye with us, Maggie!

A breakfast of champions for a hungry girl. "Wait, Esther!"
It's taking every ounce of focus she has not to jump up on the counter
and hurry Charity along with this morning chore.

Eddie and Molly show off some carousel style prancercise moves. The not-so-shy-anymore 
Molly will be going to class for the first time this coming Saturday, then will 'graduate' to 
adoption status. We hope she finds a nice home with a dog mentor to take Eddie's place.

Elliot teasing his now-favorite barn dog Widget into a game of chase.

Esther flirting with Charity, "Can I pretty, pretty please?"

Molly gets some TLC from Jose.

Yes Esther, you really are a pretty little thing.

Megg enjoying a quiet conversation with Connor.

Londyn is just here for a few days.
Next stop: Seattle, where she hopes to find a new home through Seattle Animal Services.

"I can see you!"
Lookie who discovered a new place in the yard to squeeze and get stuck.
Gee, thanks Londyn! She was able to move forward but couldn't back
out to release herself. We were giggling so much that it took twice as long as it
should have to free her.