Friday, July 26, 2013

A Four on the Floor Salute! Join us August 3.

Barn Crew trainee Tina Broder is making sure Tuffy gives her a good 'wait' with all four paws on the floor before leaving her kennel for fun time in the yard. How much do we love this? The smallest bits of training add up to such nice dogs.

On August 3, we're gathering our crew of volunteer handlers, foster moms and Pit Ed trainers to meet with the public for a little Howdy event. It's a great chance to learn about volunteer opps while nuzzling the dogs that benefit from their TLC.

If you're in the SF area, we'd love to see you! More info here: Lifesaver Salute Open House

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

say 'uncle'

Attention Rascal Dogs!

Rude and rowdy behavior will not be tolerated around here! ...

Unruly barn residents who persist will be held down and squished until further notice! ...

Squished, I tell you!

(Yes, he did let her up to breathe .... Eventually.)

Monday, July 15, 2013


Summer energy at the barn is big and rowdy, so let's just keep the cameras rolling!

Showdown on Dog Mountain, courtesy of Auntie Smudge's babysitting service...

And with Uncle Corky, hours before Corky left for his new home...

Smallest, Biggest!

Mighty Tiny, Rhonda Girl.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Mighty Tiny, feeling his destiny

It took Corky three days to gain enough confidence to climb Dog Mountain. 

Mighty Tiny, however .... five minutes. 

C'mon boy. You can do it.

Agility contender anyone?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tuff(y) Love

Elliot usually gets the accolades for helping us baby sit bouncy little puppies, but this week we're all singing the praises of Tuffy, who kindly gave us ALL a break from chewed toes and lips. Mixed-breed-something Mighty Tiny came to us from a Yolo County shelter full of piss and vinegar, with a double helping of both. This confident dyna-pup is going to be an exceptional dog when he's grown. Right now, he's, um ...... cute.

Tuffy is set to be spayed tomorrow and we're 99% sure she's pregnant. When asked if she thought she might miss being a mom, she silently chewed on her ball and continued ignoring the puppy. 'Nuff said.

Way to go, Tuffy.

Goooo Mighty Tiny!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rhonda the Explorer

Early last Saturday morning, Newbie Rhonda Girl & the Kikster surveyed the yard from the comfort of the barn couch. 

 "Hmmmm" thought Rhonda Girl, "this looks like a fun place. I think I'll go explore".



"What's this blue thing?  Is it a giant sized water bowl?  And where's the water?"

"I know, this looks like a big empty puddle thing!  I bet this would be a nice cool place to sit if there was water in here.  Maybe these barn people will fill it up so I can play in it!"

"Ahhhhh, it's a beautiful garden just for us!  This is a good place for rescue dogs to stay until their forever families come for them; I approve".

Yes Rhonda Girl, we approve too.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Its OK, Tuffy

Don't worry, pretty girl.

You can de-stuff all the toys you want here.