Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Junior Volunteer Day at the Rescue Barn!

On Sunday, we had the pleasure of hosting our first "Jr. Volunteer Day" at the Rescue Barn. Seven children came eager to meet the puppies and play with Miss Chiquita. However, the Barn Crew had some other things in mind too!

As we thought about how the day would run, we wanted the children to get the overall experience of what a "barn shift" feels like. We discussed why the Rescue Barn exists and how we work hard to make it feel like a "home" for the dogs we rescue. We also talked about the different dogs that come through our program and how we design our shifts depending on what each dog needs. The Crew went over safety rules and chores that are required to keep things running smoothly. (Of course, we let them play with Chiquita and the puppies!) But first....

Learning how to prepare breakfast

Time for Poop Patrol! 

Time to sweep the kennels!
Learning about approaching the kennels

Washing dishes!

Breaking down hay bails and spreading them through the yard!

 After the chores were done,... we had time for some doggie fun!

Hey! Do you have any food?? I heard that kids always have food! 

Keep cuddling me!

Can I take a nap yet? 

Maybe one day I will be big enough for this jolly ball!

Chiquita! Getting some rest after everyone left.

Thank you to everyone for making this such a wonderful day!

Barn Crew Volunteers who helped coordinate this event: 
Charity Jara, Anita Joe, Connor Cook, Barbara Rella - Thank you!