Thursday, October 30, 2014

Top 10 Favorite Gwennie-isms

I'm slightly obsessed with Gwennie, for many reasons. (If only blogs were available in smell-o-vision...) Here are ten.

#10. She's a flirt.
Who me?

#9. She's got impeccable comedic timing.
Watch closely as I impersonate the dog on the side of the Barn.

Ha ha! I crack myself up.

#8. Her patented post-poop Reverse Kick-and-Hold.
It's just something I do.

#7. The girl is scrappy.
Your rope toy? Nope... haven't seen it.

#6. And brave

Thinking about it...

#5. ...but complicated.

I call this: Demure with a Hint of Vulnerability.

#4. She's got those pinchy-eyes I love. 
It's like someone kissed them closed on both sides! (I think it was the blogger.)

#3. She's got moves.
Twerkin' it.

#2. And cute friends.
"Hey baby. Live around here often?"

#1. Sometimes she looks at me like this.