Thursday, October 30, 2014

Top 10 Favorite Gwennie-isms

I'm slightly obsessed with Gwennie, for many reasons. (If only blogs were available in smell-o-vision...) Here are ten.

#10. She's a flirt.
Who me?

#9. She's got impeccable comedic timing.
Watch closely as I impersonate the dog on the side of the Barn.

Ha ha! I crack myself up.

#8. Her patented post-poop Reverse Kick-and-Hold.
It's just something I do.

#7. The girl is scrappy.
Your rope toy? Nope... haven't seen it.

#6. And brave

Thinking about it...

#5. ...but complicated.

I call this: Demure with a Hint of Vulnerability.

#4. She's got those pinchy-eyes I love. 
It's like someone kissed them closed on both sides! (I think it was the blogger.)

#3. She's got moves.
Twerkin' it.

#2. And cute friends.
"Hey baby. Live around here often?"

#1. Sometimes she looks at me like this.  


  1. That last picture makes me melt! I hope Gwennie's forever people find her soon.

  2. Another benefit that comes with most "pit bull type dogs" those intense, soulful looks that encourage you to sit down and tell them every last thing that's on your mind. Or at least wrap your arms around the neck, give a kiss on top of the head and then tell them to "down" and "show me belly" so you can lull them into a happy nap!

    My second service dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and when people look at her while we're shopping, they often come and ask if they can meet and pet her (the answer is always, "yes" since making new friends is part of her reward for the hard work she does for me). After they've told her how beautiful she is and what a good girl she is, they usually confess that it was her eyes that lured them to approach us! She's going on 10 years in June 2015, but people have always remarked about her eyes and all that she can "say" with a look. I know one of her soulful gazes can melt my heart at the same time that she sends me flying, so full of gratitude that she's in my life!

    I can't imagine life without one or two pit bull type dogs in it! Thanks so very much for all that each of you do for this often misunderstood and under appreciated breed.

  3. Gwinny is also very elegant! I can tell by her photos.


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