Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gwennie's Got the Grinnies

Hanging out with Gwennie today at the Barn, I suddenly started thinking about "Black Dog Syndrome" -- that is, the oft-cited phenomenon that black dogs (and cats) are harder to adopt out than other animals. Whether the syndrome truly exists generates some debate, but the reason cited is pretty consistent: Many feel that it's harder to photograph darker colored dogs than lighter ones, and therefore they don't get as much attention online.


I'm clearly no photographer, but come on. Is there any doubt that Gwennie is a gorgeous freakin' specimen? Look at that grin.

And sure, she's way cuter (also sassier, smarter, bubblier, etc.) in person, but isn't that true of most of the dogs you first see on a website and then meet in person?

Today, Gwennie charms not only me, but the resident gentlemen as well. Not sure what witty observation she's passing along to Eddie (maybe, Does that human with the camera ever wear anything besides overalls?) but Beast also hopes to get in on the secret...

And Beast still has his eye on her a bit later when Gwennie decides to see what the rope-toy is all about.

Honestly, can you blame him? Over by the slide, I start to tell Gwennie the joke about the blocky-headed canine who walks into a bar. Before I can finish, she gives me a knowing laugh:

Black Dog... what?