Saturday, June 30, 2012

sharing is as simple as black and white

Spankey:  Hey Olive!!!  You're in my comfy sun spot!!!
Olive:  HA HA!!!  Finders keepers losers weepers!!! - and also
You snooze you lose!!!
Spankey:  Hey Olive - how about we share the comfy sun spot???
Olive: Okay!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012


As seen on facebook - for you non-facebookers (is there such a thing?)

Hui-Shan and her husband Chen-Wei are shelter volunteers who were told that they "shouldn't get too attached" when they were tracking stray dog Willy's transfer from one shelter to another. They disagreed. His untraceable microchip held him up in the system for awhile, but they refused to rest until he was officially safe. We're pretty sure they would've camped out on the shelter lawn if they had to to keep this pup on everybody's radar. Their focus and persistence paid off and when he was finally ready to be released, they were ready and waiting to pick him up from the shelter.

Meet BADRAP's newest barn dog! Willy will always have Hui-Shan and Chen-Wei to thank for letting themselves get attached.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

peas in a pod

Oscar thinks it's pretty cool that he's as big as Diva right now.  The only way to tell them apart when they blast by is: Flash of grey = Diva, Flash of tan = Oscar.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

post pride celebration at the barn

Yesterday, 3 little barn dogs decided to do a mini photo shoot and parade of their own to show their support for Tallulah, Sally, Elliott and 2o or so other Bad Rap dogs who strutted their stuff at the San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday.

So without further ado, here are the current barn residents showing their pride at being Bad Rap dogs.

Here's the newest member of the barn residents as of Monday.....funny girl, Ms Hertie Gertie.

......looking coy, its the charmingly delicious, Ms Diva.

Showing off his "Leave It" skills, here's Oscar the pup.

Oh the concentration as he focuses on leaving that yummy treat.


Great job Oscar! OK - one last picture for the fans please.

Thanks Oscar. And now, chicken bits for everyone, woo hoo!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Its Hard Work Being Tallulah

If you're a foster dog in my house, week day life is kind of boring. There is a lot of waiting patiently while Uba goes to training classes and runs on his treadmill. To reward all the patience and good behavior weekends include plenty of fun activities.

This weekend, Tallulah had a very full date book. On Saturday we went on a hike among the redwoods so she could explore the wild side of her new home state.
Um, these trees seem much bigger than the trees I knew in Louisiana.
Is that a critter up there?
Tallulah did a great job on her hike. She savored the experience, but kept a good pace with her human friends and was polite to the other hiking humans and dogs we met enjoying a beautiful Saturday in nature.

On Sunday, Miss T experienced another wild Bay Area and BAD RAP tradition, the Pride Parade! She got dressed up in a pretty party collar and marched with Barn Crew member Caroline.
When is this party getting started?
Leading the contingent, impressing the crowd with her good looks.
That was fun! Lets do it again!
Tallulah wagged all the way down the parade route. Obviously this party was for her, and the whole city had come out to celebrate her freedom from cruelty and her miraculous escape to California.
Now, back to the daily grind, waiting for Uba's classes to finish so she can have her fun.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

little stray, meet your new destiny

as of Monday morning, she'll be off of her stray hold and she'll be a BADRAP dog.

as of Tuesday, she'll be spayed and while she's under, we hope to learn why her ears don't work (she's stone cold deaf).

as of two weeks ago, we all fell much in love with her.

her name is (will be).... Hurdy Gurdy.  Gurdy for short.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

The longest day of the year? Well, we know just how to spend it!

Chewing pinecones on the porch is a great activity for hot days.

Look at how nicely we are doing "stays" at the kennel door!  Can we please play together now?

Oh, thank you thank you thank you!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

day's end

Everyone's finally asleep. We tip-toe away and take one last look at the barn before heading home to our own dogs. Sleep well, little rascals.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy fathers day - love Olive

Olive wanted to make sure her foster dad and all the other foster dads out there know how important they are on this fathers day.

Dear Nice Mister,
I wanted to let you know how nice it is that I get to live with you.  Thank you for teaching me about riding motorcycles and doing yardwork and going to work every day and eating ice cream cones.  Thank you for teaching me about snuggling on the couch...and thank you for not getting mad at me when I had an accident on the ottoman.  I think it's so cool that you just shrugged your shoulders and put it in the back yard for me to sunbathe on.
Thank you for waking me up every morning with a hug and a kiss.
Thank you for loving me as if I were your forever dog.


Tallulah's Winking at You

She snagged the best seat in the house.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

oscar's new teefers

let me show you how my new teef work.
aren't they great?
nom nom nom nom nom.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rooney's sleep-over

Hi Nina, it's me - your friend Rooney from the barn! Guess what? I'm getting my very own family soon!

Hey Rooney, let's go out and play.

Hmmmm - looks pretty hot out there.

I know, let's stay in here and wrestle.

Ha, ha, ha - this is fun!!

One hour later -


Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

who are you?

"Somebody new is here!" whispered Elliot.

He tip toed up to the barn door and peered gingerly around the corner. She'd been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping all day long and everyone was curious.

"Who is she? Where'd she come from? What's she like? Does she want to play with me?"
Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Not yet.

She blew in with the Saturday morning shift --- a wayward stray who'd managed to catch the eye of big hearted Connor on his way to the barn. He pulled over and after polling the neighbors, decided she was very lost and coaxed her to his car.

She took a long drink of water, ate a little kibble, then collapsed into a deep sleep. Even Diva's whining and the click of the camera couldn't rouse her. She was o-u-t.

After a long while, she woke up! Elliot had been waiting. He wagged hello, then dipped his head and  asked, "Hey stray dog. How come you smell so bad?"

Stray dog tried to shake her head, but her ear hurt too bad.

"Ah. You're hurt," said Elliot. My people will make it better for you. It'll be okay."

(Stray dog's ear is swollen and infected.)

After a full day's sleep, she finally got up, stretched and said "Hello." Such a pretty girl.

"Where do I belong?"

For now, right here. We'll do what we can to find your people - That's what we do here in this place. Now go get some more sleep! You've come a long way and you're safe now.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Walk in the Park

First Tallulah found an inventive way to share the front seat with Lulu. Lulu pretended that she appreciated the lumbar support.
Next she got a good work out climbing the hills with her friends. Thats Tallulah's muscly butt all the way on the right.
It was a long climb on a sunny day.
At the top of the hill we paused to enjoy a shady and cool patch of grass.
Now she is resting up and making she sure gets her beauty sleep so she can woo her future family tomorrow at the Adoptathon.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Patsy Time

Patsy stopped by for the day, and she brought her friend Teddles. It seemed like she'd never left.

She sprawled out on the porch like the Princess she is and took in the sights.

She remembered how to bounce and bounce and pester Elliot.

She stared longingly at her old friends the flirts poles. 
And she used her ears to charm us into giving her just what she wanted. 

Of course she did!

Tallulah Learns to be a Foster Dog

This week Tallulah became Uba's newest foster sister. She will be learning about living full time in a house and about all the activity, noise and excitement of a more urban part of Oakland.
Uba says "She's so tall and pretty, like a super model"
Tallulah's week has been full of new experiences.
Exploring the neighborhood and learning about all the activity that goes on in the city.
Wondering who lives on the other side of the door. Could it be eevil kittehs?
All this excitement makes a girl tired.  Good thing there are plenty of soft beds to rest her pretty head. 

Tallulah will be at the Adoptathon in Berkeley on Sunday hopping to meet her forever family. Whoever adopts this lovely girl will be extremely lucky.