Friday, June 29, 2012


As seen on facebook - for you non-facebookers (is there such a thing?)

Hui-Shan and her husband Chen-Wei are shelter volunteers who were told that they "shouldn't get too attached" when they were tracking stray dog Willy's transfer from one shelter to another. They disagreed. His untraceable microchip held him up in the system for awhile, but they refused to rest until he was officially safe. We're pretty sure they would've camped out on the shelter lawn if they had to to keep this pup on everybody's radar. Their focus and persistence paid off and when he was finally ready to be released, they were ready and waiting to pick him up from the shelter.

Meet BADRAP's newest barn dog! Willy will always have Hui-Shan and Chen-Wei to thank for letting themselves get attached.


  1. Believe it or not, yes there are non facebookers (is that a word?)Thanks for still doing these blogs for the people who don't use every new technology or social network out there. We love the stories and the pictures and everything all of you do to help these wonderful and beautiful, sweet dogs.

  2. Right on! Awesome! Welcome and thank you!

  3. Thanks to this wonderful couple for caring. Another innocent dog is saved. We can never have enough of that happening. Willy you are a handsome dog and lucky to be at Bad Rap. Enjoy.

  4. Love that noggin! ONe dog saved. On to the next for these angels. Thanks, guys!

  5. yes, yes! Anonymous #1 is perfectly correct. there ARE non-facebookers out here and we ARE grateful to you for continuing to update us using this old-fashioned medium. it's lovely to have such a handsome male at the barn. great work by his saviors and of course, by your own good selves.

    loved the pride clip too btw.

    oxo in harlem


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