Tuesday, June 26, 2012

post pride celebration at the barn

Yesterday, 3 little barn dogs decided to do a mini photo shoot and parade of their own to show their support for Tallulah, Sally, Elliott and 2o or so other Bad Rap dogs who strutted their stuff at the San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday.

So without further ado, here are the current barn residents showing their pride at being Bad Rap dogs.

Here's the newest member of the barn residents as of Monday.....funny girl, Ms Hertie Gertie.

......looking coy, its the charmingly delicious, Ms Diva.

Showing off his "Leave It" skills, here's Oscar the pup.

Oh the concentration as he focuses on leaving that yummy treat.


Great job Oscar! OK - one last picture for the fans please.

Thanks Oscar. And now, chicken bits for everyone, woo hoo!


  1. So cute. Thanks for these great pictures.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful dogs with their cool outfits. I bet it was a treat to be in the parade. Thanks for all you do to make the lives of these wonderful dogs more pleasant. You rock.

  3. You all should be proud. They are all so cute. Chicken bits for everyone. You really know how to give these dogs a good time. Thanks for all you do.


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