Thursday, February 28, 2013

the kid

Gum. Gumbino, Gumdrop, Gumdango, Gumption ... So many names for such a simple guy.

Gum was owner surrendered to a Sacramento shelter when his family couldn't find a dog friendly rental. Then he was scheduled to be destroyed when the shelter discovered he flattened out at doorways and couldn't be coaxed through. That was last week. This week he's safe and Elliot's five minute lesson on using doors worked like a charm. Easy peasy.

He's just what the doctor ordered for party animal Diamond. She was using too much of her yard time bouncing (literally) at birds, but it's all about wrastlin' now. Go Gum!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Charm School

When young Donovan came to BAD RAP from his rural shelter he was lacking some of the sophistication that city dogs acquire earlier in life. So the big city dogs wouldn't make fun of our awkward teenager, Alma, the elderbull puppy, agreed to help young Donovan learn the basics.
See, Donovan, this is how you ask another dog to play
Once you're friends, you can kiss and play bitey-face.
Thanks to his kind mentor, Donovan is quickly learning how to be a civilized young dog.  Thank you Alma!

Both Donovan and Alma are still looking for their forever homes at

Thursday, February 21, 2013

neener neener

Sassy: "I notice you have a .... ball"  Elliot: "Why Gosh. Yes I do!"

Sassy: "I would like to have that ball." Elliot: "Really? Huh!"

Sassy: "Definitely want that ball." Elliot: "Waddaya know?"

Sassy: "Stare into my eyes. You want to give me the ball." Elliot: "No thank you."

Sassy: "Come back here with that ball!" Elliot: "La La La La...

..La La LA LAAA!"
Sassy: "Darnit! This isn't working like it works on Corndog."  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

there's a kid at the barn

On Presidents Day, the barn dogs had a special visitor who came to help them practice being around kids.  And once the Kikster was done with picking up dog poop (hey, someone has to do it) and putting fresh water in all of the kennels, the pooches all got to show off their obedience and agility skills in the yard, their neighborhood walking skills, and then each one took turns hanging out on the couch with her.

Here's Loni showing off her lap dog skills.

And Sassy and Corndog enjoy just chilling with the kid who gave each of them the kid tester seal of approval.

Thanks barn pooches for showing the Kikster that y'all know how to behave around kids.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Having a fluffy around has been so much fun. We get to brush her longish fur -- that's new! Our marketing plan has not been working for her though. Site visitors are intrigued by her novelty, but not nearly enough impressed to bring her home. They want beef!

So it's time to seed the Net (aka Craigslist) with Corndog images in hopes that they snag the love of a fluffy fan. She won't mind leaving Sassy behind if it turns out that the girls get offers from different homes. They've been such agreeable roommates, but they're just as happy doing their own thing and don't check in with each like they used to.

So, here it is: A Sassy-less promo for the furry one. Go Corndog, Go!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

barn crew demo time

Farnam, Sassy and Loni left the barn for a few hours and joined the now-adopted Astro for a fun public demo. They strutted their stuff in front of the latest group signed on for Pit Ed beginning classes. The orientation is set up to help registrants know what to expect when they start their lessons in a couple of weeks. Many of their dogs will be initially leash reactive, and some of the handlers will be more than a little nervous. The first day of class is always exciting (and we love it). Hopefully, the demos will help everyone imagine how well mannered their dogs will be with just a little bit of work and practice.

While all eyes are on the dogs, the real stars here are the handlers - Barn Crew members Caroline, Anita, Charity and Nancy. Their steady direction help make it all look so natural and so easy. These are the times when we're especially proud of the team. Half the battle of training a new group is convincing people that their dogs will be just fine once they try on a few basic handling skills and act like the smooth, confident leaders dogs love to follow. Just like the team is demonstrating so beautifully here.

Farnam, Sassy, Loni and Astro wag and snuffle as if to say, "Yup."

Many thanks to Oakland euro auto shop Precision Motors for opening your doors to us!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

... waiting ...

Well. Where is it?

Farnam's been hoppin' up on the barrels and practicing his best circus star face in hopes that it'll make us move a little faster on the making of Dog Mountain. We expect fancy moves from this flashy clown when it's finally launched.

Sorry Farnam! Mountains weren't built in a day, y'dig?