Thursday, February 14, 2013

barn crew demo time

Farnam, Sassy and Loni left the barn for a few hours and joined the now-adopted Astro for a fun public demo. They strutted their stuff in front of the latest group signed on for Pit Ed beginning classes. The orientation is set up to help registrants know what to expect when they start their lessons in a couple of weeks. Many of their dogs will be initially leash reactive, and some of the handlers will be more than a little nervous. The first day of class is always exciting (and we love it). Hopefully, the demos will help everyone imagine how well mannered their dogs will be with just a little bit of work and practice.

While all eyes are on the dogs, the real stars here are the handlers - Barn Crew members Caroline, Anita, Charity and Nancy. Their steady direction help make it all look so natural and so easy. These are the times when we're especially proud of the team. Half the battle of training a new group is convincing people that their dogs will be just fine once they try on a few basic handling skills and act like the smooth, confident leaders dogs love to follow. Just like the team is demonstrating so beautifully here.

Farnam, Sassy, Loni and Astro wag and snuffle as if to say, "Yup."

Many thanks to Oakland euro auto shop Precision Motors for opening your doors to us!


  1. Very nice. Thanks to all of you good people at Bad Rap for helping people help these wonderful dogs. Education is so important.

    1. Thanks Joan. We're always impressed by the people who wait so long for class, then work so hard to get improvements. Pit bulls attract some of the best folks you will meet.

  2. Wonderful! And kudos to the new class. We were all beginners once (and still are, in some ways -- always learning new and better techniques). That's why it's so fun to train dogs. You can DO IT. :)

  3. Did you guys take video? Hope so Nom nom. PS - Barn blog has best cover shot on blogger relating to dogs. In my -- um -- POV. Photo of barn in background, Tim with beautiful paws on elbow/arm and shoulder. Who is gorgeous four-legged?


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