Tuesday, February 5, 2013

... waiting ...

Well. Where is it?

Farnam's been hoppin' up on the barrels and practicing his best circus star face in hopes that it'll make us move a little faster on the making of Dog Mountain. We expect fancy moves from this flashy clown when it's finally launched.

Sorry Farnam! Mountains weren't built in a day, y'dig?


  1. I heart Farnham!!! Don't worry, you are going to be king of someone's mountain very soon!

  2. Love that heart-shaped eye patch. Don't fret Farnham. Good things happen to those who wait. I have no doubt it will be one spectacular mountain of fun and learning for all you good dogs.

  3. The photo of Farnham is darling but the photo of the circus elephant is not. Don't want to be a wet blanket but who wants to use a photo of an animal in a circus as an example of anything fun?

    Toni D.

    1. We respect that you believe the elephant is not having fun Toni. That's cool. As you can guess, we would never post a photo of an animal that we believed was being abused. As an aside, one of my family members is a (zoo) elephant keeper and trainer, so I'm personally fascinated with the work he can his team do to keep their very large, very intelligent animals exercised and mentally stimulated. I've been told that BR's program mimics many of the techniques used in their program, which was a compliment to me. We are constantly evolving and learning from each other in our work with captive animals (including 'captive' dogs or, shelter dogs) and always open to sharing as well as receiving info from others in the animal husbandry world.

    2. http://www.amazon.com/The-Urban-Elephant-Allison-Argo/dp/B000CQW8HA
      The documentary, Urban Elephant, dispells some of the myths about working elephants. One retired circus elephant goes into a deep depression which only subsides when she is able to "work" again, putting up the circus tent.


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