Monday, February 18, 2013


Having a fluffy around has been so much fun. We get to brush her longish fur -- that's new! Our marketing plan has not been working for her though. Site visitors are intrigued by her novelty, but not nearly enough impressed to bring her home. They want beef!

So it's time to seed the Net (aka Craigslist) with Corndog images in hopes that they snag the love of a fluffy fan. She won't mind leaving Sassy behind if it turns out that the girls get offers from different homes. They've been such agreeable roommates, but they're just as happy doing their own thing and don't check in with each like they used to.

So, here it is: A Sassy-less promo for the furry one. Go Corndog, Go!


  1. dear miss corndog, you're very beautiful. miss shilah told me about you. she's not a fluffy, but has fluffy friends. she kinda looks like a goat, so she understands being the gal on the outside. that probably doesn't make much sense. I'm a small dog and old as well. so sometimes get a little muddled. but i just know a lotta people are gonna step up to help you now. love, manfred.

  2. I wish I could bring her to Colorado!

  3. They want beef. Cute. I have no doubt your perfect home will come along soon Corndog. You are a cutie. The good folks at Bad Rap will make sure that happens. Until then enjoy where you are.

  4. dear miss corndog, my human said her mom says: some folks don't have the sense God gave a Mule. I think she was talking about herself. it's hard to tell. but i sure do love looking at you and listening to your music
    love, manfred

  5. I hope someone who loves your fluff snags you soon, Corndog!

  6. Awwww Corndog, such beautiful pictures!! Some people might be looking for beef, but your family will come around...maybe they are vegan looking for corn!!! And 8 is such a perfect age...still playful yet mellow. Paws crossed that you get adopted soon...and I would love to see you and Sassy go to a home together!! That way you could be BFF's forever!


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