Friday, August 30, 2013

Boys in Black and White

Harpo and Mighty Tiny wish you a happy Friday and a fun long weekend.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tuffy's selfie

Barn dogs have grown accustomed to cameras constantly taking pictures and videos - dealing with the paparazzi is just a part of a rescue dog's life.  So this weekend while the Bad Rapper's were out at the Rat's Clubhouse with the Nut Truck taking care of the under-served pooches in West Oakland, Tuffy decided to try her paws at some amateur photography.  And since so many Bad Rap followers are big on social media, she decided to try a Facebook favorite.....the selfie.

First attempt - whoops, better try again.

Second time....hmmm, better, but let's try one more time. 

Yup, not bad.  Tuffy's selfie - pretty darn good for a furball with no opposable thumbs....she's one talented pooch (smile)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

hiking with a friend

The best kind of update, from Sassy's new mom Kristine...

"Sometimes, we have to help our best friends finish the hike. She kept licking my face as we finished the hill. Love love love her."

Thursday, August 1, 2013

a very big peek inside the 'tiny cabin'

For several years, the good folks at Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar have donated their proceeds to support our project and others. It's been such a blessing, and has helped us forward in so many ways. In 2012, they did the same, and gave us a gift that keeps on giving...

Since we're a "teach a man to fish" org, we knew we had to create places for fishes to sleep while they were here learning and helping us help the dogs. I'd been glued to blogs and Facebook postings that detail the "tiny house movement," so knew right where to look when it was time to shop a modest guest quarters for our visitors. What a thrill to see the photos of BADRAP's cabin in the Tiny House Swoon blog today. A cyber-dream comes full circle.

Since the cabin landed next to the Rescue Barn, it's housed true hearts from all around the country - motivated shelter workers, impassioned rescuers, bright authors, our first fabulous month-long intern and recently, a BSL fighter from Australia. We hope the tradition of sharing and connecting on behalf of the dogs can continue.

Take a peek at the big fat photos the BADRAP Tiny Cabin

Below, probably the best use of the Tiny Cabin that we can imagine. The barn dogs get to leave their kennels and sleep with visitors for a night of real life comfort. Mr. Puddles loved every minute of his time with Rafael and his mom, author, University of Florida professor and pit bull rescuer Anna Peterson. Thanks again Unexpected Pit Bull people, and to everyone who supports them!