Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tuffy's selfie

Barn dogs have grown accustomed to cameras constantly taking pictures and videos - dealing with the paparazzi is just a part of a rescue dog's life.  So this weekend while the Bad Rapper's were out at the Rat's Clubhouse with the Nut Truck taking care of the under-served pooches in West Oakland, Tuffy decided to try her paws at some amateur photography.  And since so many Bad Rap followers are big on social media, she decided to try a Facebook favorite.....the selfie.

First attempt - whoops, better try again.

Second time....hmmm, better, but let's try one more time. 

Yup, not bad.  Tuffy's selfie - pretty darn good for a furball with no opposable thumbs....she's one talented pooch (smile)


  1. Tuffy, no trout pout?! Well done, pretty girl!

  2. I like the pink chinny-chin-chin in the second one--great first attempts, Tuffy!

  3. Tuffy, looking good!

    Ruckus the Eskie

  4. Most selfies make ya look stupid, but not these. You have a future in photography, Tuffy, on either side of the camera. So, on which side of your little muzzle *is* the white mark located?

    1. Oh oops - Tuffy's little white mark is on the right side of her muzzle. Her "assistant" who posted this for her had some issues with transferring the photo & did some rotating to get it right way up for the blog & somehow flipped the whole thing around. Good catch!

  5. Excellent selfies Tuffy. I actually like the first on the best. It looks like she was laughing.


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