Thursday, February 21, 2013

neener neener

Sassy: "I notice you have a .... ball"  Elliot: "Why Gosh. Yes I do!"

Sassy: "I would like to have that ball." Elliot: "Really? Huh!"

Sassy: "Definitely want that ball." Elliot: "Waddaya know?"

Sassy: "Stare into my eyes. You want to give me the ball." Elliot: "No thank you."

Sassy: "Come back here with that ball!" Elliot: "La La La La...

..La La LA LAAA!"
Sassy: "Darnit! This isn't working like it works on Corndog."  


  1. dear lord. this is really funny. giggling out loud. one of the best series of photographs ever about the astonishing language of dogs. damn. this is so wonderful that i am destressed about losing my phone. which even google voice cannot find. thank you sassy, elliot, corndog. and of course the two-legged out of frame.

  2. Very cute. Elliot is definitely the boss dog.

  3. I love Elliot! Way to stay strong in the face of Miss Sassy-pants' wiles, buddy!

  4. Hahaaa! Love it! Is that Sassy in the background? If so - she's bigger than I thought. I don't know why I was thinking small - like Pomeranian sizeish! LOL! This is awesome - Sassy and Elliott are quite the good buds!

  5. Thanks for the good belly laugh!


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