Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tallulah Learns to be a Foster Dog

This week Tallulah became Uba's newest foster sister. She will be learning about living full time in a house and about all the activity, noise and excitement of a more urban part of Oakland.
Uba says "She's so tall and pretty, like a super model"
Tallulah's week has been full of new experiences.
Exploring the neighborhood and learning about all the activity that goes on in the city.
Wondering who lives on the other side of the door. Could it be eevil kittehs?
All this excitement makes a girl tired.  Good thing there are plenty of soft beds to rest her pretty head. 

Tallulah will be at the Adoptathon in Berkeley on Sunday hopping to meet her forever family. Whoever adopts this lovely girl will be extremely lucky.


  1. Thanks to Uba and her owners for helping out Tallulah. Cute blog as usual. Thanks for the funny blogs and the beautiful pictures. I hope Tallulah finds a permanent, loving home soon. Hope you have a great turnout on June 10. Thanks to all of you for all you do for these wonderful dog.

  2. Thanks to Uba and all of you for teaching Tallulah all the right stuff and exposing her to different things. She is a beauty. Plenty of people, I am sure, will be hoping all these great dogs will find their perfect home on June 10th. Hope you have a great turnout on Sunday.

  3. It's so cool to see these formerly abused dogs teaching other dogs how to be "just a dog." Have a wonderful time at the adoption event - its Pride Weekend here. Any events in July or August I could come out for?

  4. Forget all the activity and excitement of the city, Tallulah will be learning about living with all the activity and excitement of Uba! I hope she has a great time in her new foster home!

  5. I have been head over heals for Tallulah since DHS posted her first picture. If I wasn't already well owned by a couple of sweeties, I would be making a major play for this pretty pup. Hope your perfect home comes along soon, Tallulah.


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