Thursday, June 7, 2012

Patsy Time

Patsy stopped by for the day, and she brought her friend Teddles. It seemed like she'd never left.

She sprawled out on the porch like the Princess she is and took in the sights.

She remembered how to bounce and bounce and pester Elliot.

She stared longingly at her old friends the flirts poles. 
And she used her ears to charm us into giving her just what she wanted. 

Of course she did!


  1. So cute. Love the ears. Such beautiful dogs.

  2. You really have great blogs and pictures. Those ears are just amazing. I am sure if a lot of us lived closer we'd scoop up these cuties in no time and adopt them. We will be rooting for you on June 10th and hope you have lots of luck in finding that perfect home for these great dogs.

  3. Yay, so nice to see Patsy-No-Longer-a-Pup! I still swear she's part Basset with those funny little bow legs! (I know, I know, most guesses about mixes are wrong, but it's still fun to play it when you're not going to discriminate.) It's so nice when alums drop by to visit and we get to see pictures!


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