Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rooney's sleep-over

Hi Nina, it's me - your friend Rooney from the barn! Guess what? I'm getting my very own family soon!

Hey Rooney, let's go out and play.

Hmmmm - looks pretty hot out there.

I know, let's stay in here and wrestle.

Ha, ha, ha - this is fun!!

One hour later -



  1. Every time I jump on BR's site (which is daily)and see that another baby has been helped to find their place in this world, it makes my get the point :) Even though my bubs isn't a BR alum, I still feel such a connection to this group and your mission. I have to say it brings tears to my eyes to see the love and selflessness every last one of you posses for these amazing dogs. Thank you so much for all that you do, to say that you people are inspirations would be a vast understatement!

  2. Great news. Sounds like Rooney's got a home waiting for him. They are some lucky people. Great blog once again. Love seeing these cuties have fun.

  3. Looks like a fun sleepover and fantastic news that Rooney's got a home. Just love what you do for these beautiful dogs. Also, thanks again for doing these blogs. They are enjoyed by many I am sure.

  4. Looks like Rooney had a great sleepover. So glad you've got a home waiting. We will miss the great stories and pictures of you but are happy you found a loving home. Thanks Bad Rap and all the people who help you help these adorable dogs.


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