Monday, June 25, 2012

Its Hard Work Being Tallulah

If you're a foster dog in my house, week day life is kind of boring. There is a lot of waiting patiently while Uba goes to training classes and runs on his treadmill. To reward all the patience and good behavior weekends include plenty of fun activities.

This weekend, Tallulah had a very full date book. On Saturday we went on a hike among the redwoods so she could explore the wild side of her new home state.
Um, these trees seem much bigger than the trees I knew in Louisiana.
Is that a critter up there?
Tallulah did a great job on her hike. She savored the experience, but kept a good pace with her human friends and was polite to the other hiking humans and dogs we met enjoying a beautiful Saturday in nature.

On Sunday, Miss T experienced another wild Bay Area and BAD RAP tradition, the Pride Parade! She got dressed up in a pretty party collar and marched with Barn Crew member Caroline.
When is this party getting started?
Leading the contingent, impressing the crowd with her good looks.
That was fun! Lets do it again!
Tallulah wagged all the way down the parade route. Obviously this party was for her, and the whole city had come out to celebrate her freedom from cruelty and her miraculous escape to California.
Now, back to the daily grind, waiting for Uba's classes to finish so she can have her fun.


  1. Redwoods AND the SF Pride Parade in one weekend? Tallulah is one lucky puppy! I'm glad this pretty girl is getting to explore her new home state, even if it's only on the weekends!

  2. A tired pitty is a HAPPY pitty....

  3. She looks so adorable in her outfit. Thanks to all of you for knowing how to show Tallulah a good time and helping her. I bet that parade was lots of fun for her.

  4. Tallulah you look so pretty in your outfit. You are one lucky dog to be with Uba and your fantastic foster parents. They really know what to do to help you and make your life better. Enjoy. You are lucky to be with Bad Rap.

  5. Brave, patient, beautiful Tallulah. Love the outfit. You are one lucky dog to have Uba as your buddy and these great people at Bad Rap to help you make it in the big wide world.


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