Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tuff(y) Love

Elliot usually gets the accolades for helping us baby sit bouncy little puppies, but this week we're all singing the praises of Tuffy, who kindly gave us ALL a break from chewed toes and lips. Mixed-breed-something Mighty Tiny came to us from a Yolo County shelter full of piss and vinegar, with a double helping of both. This confident dyna-pup is going to be an exceptional dog when he's grown. Right now, he's, um ...... cute.

Tuffy is set to be spayed tomorrow and we're 99% sure she's pregnant. When asked if she thought she might miss being a mom, she silently chewed on her ball and continued ignoring the puppy. 'Nuff said.

Way to go, Tuffy.

Goooo Mighty Tiny!


  1. It looks like Tiny's motto is "So much naughtiness, so little time!" I'm glad you've got a good canine baby-sitter on your hands to help you deal with the little munchkin.

  2. He looks like he might be part JRT! Cutie. And go Tuffy! You won't miss being a mom.

  3. She's getting her dose of mommyhood with that little pup. No more needed!

  4. Oh, he looks annoying, somebody else can have the puppies. I'll take my adults and seniors any day! lol


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