Thursday, November 10, 2011

autumn rains bring fresh greens

Even though we're a little saddened by the cooler temperatures and encroaching darkness, the cooler and wetter months bring out young, tender blades of various grasses. Turns the otherwise brown hills to a beautiful bright green color, and provides something for the pups to nibble on when outside.

Patsy enjoying some freshly picked doggie salad greens. Ah, this is the life, balancing out the diet.


  1. I love Patsy, she's adorable!!! What a nice day for her. Sarah

  2. Patsy looks like a darling baby pig in this shot. Thank you to every single person who works for Pitt Bulls at the Barn and with Badrap. Pitt Bulls weren't even on my radar till about 6 mo. ago. Now I've read the book about the Vick dogs, watched the episode of Dog Town that features them (twice) and looked at countless photos of Pitties in shelters in my area. They have found a place in my heart and I've never met one in person. I look forward to it! Wish I weren't so far away in Pittsburgh, PA or I'd be there lickety-split.


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