Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sit! Look!

New barn residents get a week or two to settle in to the barn routine, sleep off any stress, and learn about their new barn crew friends. Then the work of learning to be an amazing pet dog starts.
Sit, look - YES!
Sweet and clever Elton caught on quickly. He knows that putting his wiggly end on the ground and staring deeply into the human's eyes makes treats and love happen.  

Gooood boy, Elton!


  1. Great work, Elton! I just love those little black dogs!

  2. Good boy Elton. Great picture as always. The good times are just beginning. You are in a good place.

  3. Elton you are so precious!!! Your scar on your face healed beautifully! And you have a little bit of a mischevious look in your eyes ;)I hope your forever home finds you soon!


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