Friday, November 22, 2013

Mosey and Elliot: the rock duo that could have been

No matter how great a particular handler may be, for some pups, sometimes there’s no substituting a fellow canine. They’re just more comfortable around dogs. Hey, I get it. There are plenty of times I’m not up for hanging out with humans.

When Mosey first arrived, I thought she might have been one of those dogs. From the get-go, she loved Elliot (again, I get it) but she was pretty shy around people. It didn’t take long, however, before she let us know, “Hey, I think I'm into hanging out with you crazy two-leggers after all.”

Ahhh... I'd been hoping she'd come to that conclusion. True, Mosey’s only been around a few weeks, and is still getting her bearings, but signs point in a very promising direction.

That said, she continues her unabashed crush on Elliot. And Elliot, the natural charmer, happily takes her under his furry wing. A few photos from their morning play session, as thought-bubbled by the husky:

“Smell that, Mosey? What am I saying, of course you do. You’re a dog.”

“Aww, what a good girl. We’ll keep ya around, kid.”

“Ok, now be serious and pose for the album cover we would have made had we been a pop rock duo in the 80s.”

Predicted: More good times ahead for those two.

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  1. I a) want to be taken under Elliot's furry wing and b) would REALLY like to be in Elliot and Mosey's 80's pop rock band! Do you think they could make room for a human?


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