Saturday, January 5, 2013

Magpie's New Years' Wish Comes True

After spending a few days at sleep away camp, aka the barn, Magpie went home. During our drive she wasn't sure, "where are we going, chauffeur lady?" her worried brown eyes asked. When we arrived on her new street, surrounded by well manicured front yards, she wasn't sure if a little puppy from West Oakland should be in such a nice neighborhood. Then her new mom opened the front door and immediately everything was all better. 
Next, she said hello to her friend Karlee and met big sister Darian. 

Karlee demonstrated her training skills and Magpie and her new big brother, french bulldog-mix Ami, demonstrated their tandem sits.
Home at last for the little pie bald puppy. Mama Etta Bull and daddy Zeus would be so proud to see their last girl with such a lovely family.
Thank you to foster mom Rachel for taking on a little tyke and helping her grow into such a lovely young dog. 


  1. Yay! So glad the last pup from Zeus's final litter is finally home--and that it's a home with girls and another pup at that! Best of luck, Magpie!

  2. Magpie and Mini-Ami(me) Get it?! ;-)

  3. Thanks to all the kind people at Bad Rap and the kind adopters for making Magpie's dreams come true. Have a wonderful life Magpie. You are one of the lucky ones. Here's hoping for many more happy endings for these great dogs.


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